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August 2020 Water Sector Cyber Threat Briefing by WaterISAC - COVID-19 Challenges and Lessons Learned and Trending Malware from the IT Perspective

Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET (Members Only)

Join WaterISAC’s Water Sector Cyber Threat Briefing on August 26 when Jonathan Braley and Ian Andriechack of the IT-ISAC (Information Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center) will discuss findings from two of their organization’s recent reports. As discussed by WaterISAC in its July 9 Security and Resilience Update, IT-ISAC published a COVID-19 Challenges and Lessons Learned Report that concisely examines the security threats, security controls, technology and technical limitations, and staff challenges to include logistical, health, and safety. WaterISAC found it to be a great resource for organizations still faced with challenges of upgrading capabilities, investing in new tools and technologies, and ensuring the welfare of their employees as we move forward into a new normal. Additionally, IT-ISAC recently began publishing a Trending Malware report, which Jonathan and Ian will reference to highlight some of the malware strains prevalent in the IT sector.

As with almost all WaterISAC web briefings, this event will include a Q&A session, so come prepared with questions to ask Jonathan and Ian.

Open only to WaterISAC members.

Register any time. No need to cancel if you can’t attend.